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Mala Fatra + Baby

I wrote an original version of this blog last week, sneaking a few minutes here and there while Baby was asleep on me or in another room.  Though I pressed save multiple times, the post was lost.  Having to write around the care of an (almost) four-month old, the loss of this original post was much more emotional than one would expect.

photos by Karel Dušík

"I can take her," my husband told me as I slathered sun block on my baby's chunky legs.  I thoughtfully spread the cream, deliberating before answering.

"I'll take her.  It's a hot day and I want her to be able to breastfeed whenever she needs it."  Though I relish my time with my baby, I wasn't looking forward to hauling a 15-pound baby up and down the Mala Fatra mountains of Slovakia.  We'd take the cable car up to the base of the ridge, but after fighting hand-foot-mouth disease for a week, I wasn't feeling very strong.  Still, I took the yards of fabric into my hands and wove them aroun…

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